Events and marketing

Events and Marketing


Virtual Reality (VR)

events and marketing virtual reality

CreativiTek is a leading provider of virtual reality activities and simulations. With several up to date business grade virtual reality systems and a wide range of high quality contents and active experiences, we are able to offer flexible packages to suit any budget, schedule, and site conditions and perfect for any sized crowd. We have worked with many marketing teams and event planners to organise themed virtual reality events. We are also able to bring a couple of novel VR platforms to your events. Let us hear your ideas so we can put them into creating exactly what you want and making your ideas come true.
We also help businesses and events offer creative programs that engage older adults and disabled people as active participants – learning together, having fun, making friends, staying healthy, and showcasing their talents to a wider audience.


Augmented Reality (AR)

If you’re looking to impress your guests with an innovative new medium, then our fantastic range of augmented reality experiences will take your event or marketing campaign to the next level. We will help you adapt the AR technology and provide a vivid experience of your products and services to the end-consumer. Your guests/customers will be perplexed when the real world and computer-generated graphic interface start to intertwine and coexist right in front of their eyes. Mind blowing graphics and real-to-life simulations will leave guests/customers questioning reality. Augmented reality offers a variety of opportunities for brands and planners at events, from entertainment and customer engagement to education about a company and its products and services. Our services include but not limited to: AR books, AR face filters, AR treasure hunt, AR photo booth, AR gifts, AR colouring in activity, AR games, AR interactive walls, AR printed materials (business card, brochure, poster, etc.), and AR murals.



events and marketing robots

Our robots are great additions for events, shopping centres, exhibitions, museums, and conferences. Children, families and adults love learning about robots while being creative and having fun. We use popular robots to provide a wide range of activities for people of all ages, from robot obstacle challenge to bowling or even painting with robots. The walkabout robots are incredibly popular and highly interactive, and make an unforgettable impression.


3D Printing

With 3D printing pens your guest can bring all their wonderful and imaginative ideas to life in 3D and take their creations home. We also offer your guests the opportunity to create their own 3D-printed “mini me”. Your guests are also able to use their creativity to design whatever they think of using virtual reality, and will receive their 3D sculpture or model a few days later in the mail. This entertainment provides the perfect opportunity to bond with your guests or team members in a positive and fun environment, and when they leave, they will feel like rock stars! this type of entertainment can be adapted to all types of events such as meetings, company anniversaries, Christmas office parties, product launches, etc.


Interactive Experiences and Installations

events and marketing interactive walls and floors

Interactive experiences and installations are perfect for high-impact brand awareness and visibility, experiential marketing events, retail playgrounds and kids activations. Our solutions include but not limited to: interactive walls and floors, mixed reality ball games, interactive LED wall games, smart interactives, paint to life, interactive photo mosaic wall, and digital graffiti wall. The possibilities of interactives in shopping centres, events, play centres, schools, offices and work spaces are limited only by your imagination!