About CreativiTek!


CreativiTek Story We use unreleased and cutting-edge technologies to provide people with the most memorable and empowering experience ever to exist.

We work with the most innovative businesses, institutions and people from all over the world to co-create and deliver technology-enhanced experiences.


What We Know

  • People like novel experiences with technologies that shape the future world;
  • State of the art technologies are usually too expensive or look complicated to be used by many people, schools and businesses;
  • Technology developers need to get feedback from the end users of their products.

What We Do

We find creative ways to bring state of the art technologies for people to explore, create and have fun (marketing, events, entertainment and education), and provide feedback for technology developers to create a better future.


Who We Help

  • Marketing and branding leaders to amaze and delight with new technology experiences, and create truly valuable customer experience
  • Event planners to organise unforgettable events using state of the art technologies
  • Educators to use cutting-edge technologies to transform teaching and learning
  • School leaders to implement effective approaches for improving STEM teaching and learning
  • Technology developers to increase adoption and scale for their products and get feedback from end users