Education and training

Education and Training


Virtual Reality (VR)

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Virtual reality provides educators with a new medium to engage and immerse students in learning concepts often delivered through textbooks or two dimensional screens. It's an excellent tool for education as it can change the abstract into the tangible, support "doing" rather than just observing and can substitute methods that are desirable but practically infeasible. Incorporating virtual reality into your existing learning programmes can have wide ranging advantages including improved information retention through visual learning and learning by doing, safer and risk-free learning environments, accelerated learning through immersive storytelling, more enjoyable learning environment, low cost to set up and run compared to onsite training, ability for staff to complete remote training and familiarisation and more.
As the premier provider of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, CreativiTek works with you to provide VR-enhanced learning opportunities. Using our extensive experience in education and training, combined with the latest VR technology, we help you plan and implement a unique experience for your students or staff.


Augmented Reality (AR)

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Augmented reality in education has enormous potential. With the current adoption of mobile technologies and the recent advances in hardware, AR is becoming more accessible and broadly used. AR could give learners extra digital information about any subject, make complex information easier to understand, and prepares them for the digital age. Our wide range of AR learning activities includes but not limited to the following subjects: geology, physics, chemistry, history, dinosaurs, biology, human anatomy, and art.



education and training robots

As the demand for STEM jobs grows, an increasing number of educational institutions are focused on teaching kids STEM subjects. with the power of educational robotics, getting students interested in STEM in the classroom has never been easier. Robots make STEM education far more powerful and way more fun! We bring interactive robots to your class to help you promote interdisciplinary connections between science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), and prepare your students for future life.