Creativitek Case Studies

Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt (Bunny and His Animal Friends)

The idea: To create an immersive augmented reality Easter treasure hunt experience for Easter events and marketing campaigns 2021

What we created?

1. Augmented reality Easter treasure hunt: We created four Easer-themed 3D animations (chick, bunny, eggs) and four 3D animations for bunny’s animal friends. Some popular animals among kids were chosen for the animations including: panda, doggy, baby dragon, hamster and firefly. Four councils from Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales (Australia) used our augmented reality “Easter bunny and his animal friends” activities. Since it was a marker-based augmented reality experience, we custom designed eye-catching floor decals for our clients. Further information about the campaign/event and how to use the augmented reality app was also given on the floor decals.

2. Augmented reality Easter-themed colouring sheets: Two colouring sheets were designed to allow kids bring virtual Easter characters and animals to life in the colours they choose. Two councils used the colouring sheets. The animations were created to tell short stories, and the colouring sheets were branded with client’s name, logo and wordings.


The clients

  • Love Central Geelong (VIC) used both augmented reality treasure hunt and colouring pages for their StoryFest 2021
  • Frankston City Council (VIC) used augmented reality Easter treasure hunt
  • Livingstone Shire Council (QLD) used augmented reality Easter egg hunt
  • Gwydir Shire Council (NSW) used augmented reality treasure hunt (virtual animals) and augmented reality colouring pages



  • The floor decals and colouring pages were scanned about 4,200 times
  • The videos and images shared on social media attracted more than 6,500 views and engagements