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The client: JLL is a global real estate services firm specialising in commercial property and investment management

Challenge: How can we use recent technologies to enable kids have fun and learn about nature and space?


  • To provide a unique shopping experience
  • To improve brand experience
  • To enhance social media presence

Solution: We used both virtual reality and augmented reality activities for this event. This helped us to cover a wide range of kids and teens (4 years to 16 years). Different type of VR headsets, high quality VR contents, up-to-date IPads, high quality AR animations, and trained staff were provided to enable kids and teens learn about nature and space using new technologies.

Outcome: A total number of 875 kids/teens used our VR/AR services. Many parents explained that this kind of activities provides children with an opportunity to learn about new technologies and science while having fun. They were also happy with the way our interactive games promote physical activity and enhance motor performance in children. The event organiser was so happy that the event was a success.