Creativitek Case Studies

A Very Virtual Christmas Experience

A very virtual Christmas experience 2
A very virtual Christmas experience 3

The client: Retail First provides specialised retail and commercial property services to business and property owners.

Challenge: How to use virtual and augmented reality technologies to create a very virtual Christmas for kids, teens and parents?


  • To provide a unique shopping experience
  • To improve brand experience
  • To enhance social media presence

Solution: We used virtual reality technology to immerse people in a Christmas wonderland with a choice of four festive VR experiences. We employed augmented reality technology to enable kids to colour-in their favourite Christmas scene to see it come to life. High quality contents and up-to-date technologies were used to impress everyone.

Outcome: A total number of about 750 kids/teens used our VR/AR services. Many parents were so happy that their kids got the chance to experience Christmas and winter activities using the latest virtual/augmented reality technologies. The event organiser was so happy that the event was a success.