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Virtual Reality Football (Soccer) to Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2018

Virtual Relaity Football Description 3
Virtual Reality Football Descriptions 1
Virtual Relaity Football Description 3

The client: Retail First provides specialised retail and commercial property services to business and property owners.

Challenge: How to celebrate FIFA World Cup 2018 (one of the world’s biggest sporting events) in a shopping centre?

- Improved customer experience
- Increased customer loyalty
- Enhanced social media presence
- Keeping both kids and adults entertained

Solution: We knew our virtual reality football (soccer) simulation with football (soccer) decorations would be perfect for this event. For a better customer experience, we offered one more sport (skiing in the mountains) to entertain those who are not interested in football.

Outcome: Approximately 850 kids and adults played virtual reality soccer and many were hugely entertained watching them do that. The client was thrilled with the success of the event and decided to use our virtual reality Birthday Party experience as a give-away to one of their customers.