Creativitek Case Studies

Surfers Paradise Kids Week/Fest-Evil (Halloween 2018) - Gold Coast

Virtual Reality For Surfers Paradise Descriptions 1
Virtual Relaity For Surfers Paradise Descriptions 2
Virtual Relaity For Surfers Paradise Descriptions 3

The client: Surfers Paradise Alliance is the official marketing authority for Surfers Paradise. The organisation's goals are to: Market and manage Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is the major hub of the Gold Coast, hosting national and international music, culture and sporting events.

1. Surfers Paradise Kids Week (Dinosaur Themed)
2. Fest-Evil (Halloween 2018)

Challenges: What is an exciting and eye-catching activation that taps into current trends and makes a large event special, or different from similar events? How to give everyone the opportunity to interact with and learn about dinosaurs? How to create unique Halloween experiences for families (kids and adults)?

- To create a sense of excitement and novelty
- To encourage event attendees to post more on social media
- To enhance overall attendees’ satisfaction

Solution: The best way to create an immersive experience that takes people back in time was to use virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is also a great technology to celebrate Halloween. It brings pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and zombies to life and gives people a fright unlike anything else. We did a lot of research to find the best VR experiences for kids and adults and worked closely with Surfers Paradise Alliance team to ensure the virtual reality activities are varied, relevant and fun. We also provided our large TV screens which mirrored the headsets to engage with the maximum number of onlookers. The activation received coverage over major media channels.

Outcome: Both events were a massive success. Approximately 2,500 kids and adults used virtual reality technologies to have fun and learn.