Augmented reality food packaging

Augmented reality allows food brands to incorporate their product packaging to connect with consumers via smartphones or smart devices.

It makes food packaging an immersive and fun experience. Scanning a product package to see a 3D animation pop up is really delightful and surprising, particularly when it has an educational value. As an example, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream used AR technology to educate the customers about locally sourced ingredients. The packaging for children products is often augmented with games and interactive edutainment content. As an example, Dutch Lady used AR to promote their range of milk products. When Dutch Lady customers point their devices on the purchased Dutch Lady milk pack, the app will trigger a pop up animation of the character Matt introducing his farm in Holland, his beloved cow, Bella, and speak about Dutch Lady milk. Users can take pictures together with Matt and Bella then opt to post on social media. By using their bonus toy gimmicks, users can see Matt augmented and animatedly flying on the different flying animal gimmicks that the users have, encouraging users to collect them all.