Our top picks for event activities and brand activations in areas severely impacted by COVID-19

If you are based in areas where virus cases are rising, our top picks for your audience would be Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, contactless interactive walls and floors, and smart interactives.

Below you can read more about our solutions. All of these solutions are contactless and social distancing friendly.


Augmented reality face filters

AR face filters are the next big thing in the digital marketing world, and they are definitely one the most (if not the most) social distancing friendly options for experiential marketing. AR filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. If you like to turn your audience into your content creators, AR filters are perfect. They enable your audience to interact with your brand and spread your message for you with interactive 3D content they can share on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Your audience can be incentivised to chare and tag their experiences on social media to qualify for discounts, free items or gift vouchers. They can interact with your brand wherever and whenever they want.

The possibilities are endless, from face masks and frames to backgrounds and even games.


Augmented reality treasure hunt

Treasure hunt games will bring hours of fun and excitement to children, teens and their families. Augmented reality technology has made treasure hunt games more immersive and engaging. Players use their mobile phones to explore and find virtual characters and environments, take photos or record videos with them and share their happy moments on social media using your hashtag to qualify for prizes, freebies, gift vouchers and discounts. This encourages mobile users to walk around the event area while having fun looking for magic moments to come to life. Many people can play at a time. Because the virtual characters are in different places around the event area, people do not gather in large groups.

CreativiTek offers affordable treasure hunt activities (e.g., virtual zoo, space, underwater experience, and science-fiction) ready to be used, or we can custom design what you need. Both app-based and Instagram-based treasure hunt activities are possible.


Contactless interactive floors and walls

With the use of projectors and cameras, we can turn any wall, floor or even table into an interactive and playable surface. We are also able to provide a mobile interactive wall for your event. Interactive walls and floors enable your guests to interact with visuals on walls, floors or even screens. For outdoor events or very bright environments, LED floors and walls are recommended.


Augmented reality interactive walls and photo zones

Augmented reality interactive walls and screens enable your guests to mess with their appearances. The virtual 3D effects and filters appear on the participant’s image in real-time while they are dancing and having fun. They can take photos and videos and share their happy moments. You can use our contents or we can custom design what you want. The possibilities are endless. Another option is to enable your audience take photos with virtual characters. They use their mobile phones to bring to life characters from floor decals and take photos with them.


Augmented reality take home gifts

Imagine a place where magical stickers and gift cards come to life and immerse young visitors into a real dream. Augmented reality turns passive stickers and gift cards into active storytellers. Imagine that each sticker tells part of a story, and children need to collect stickers to help them complete the story.


Smart interactives

Smart interactives react to proximity and are created using touch boards, electric paint and other items. The possibilities are endless from animated smart walls and singing murals to interactive sculptures and much more. This kind of interactives are contactless and create a totally immersive experience. They turn any tired place into an unexpected place, and can be used as temporary, semi-permanent and permanent installations.