Virtual reality for team building activities and corporate entertainment

Team building events and interventions are part of life for many organisations. A new trend in team building activities is the use of virtual reality (VR) and even augmented reality (AR). Virtual reality has the possibility to create maximal engagement. For team building purposes, VR offers the potential to put your team in situations and scenarios and environments that you wouldn’t usually be in within the workplace. Not only does it offer a unique and unforgettable experience, the activities also enhance communication skills, improves teamwork and fosters friendly competition.

Team building refers to activities that focus on improving the team, its process, and its work. Below you can see a couple of VR activities that can be used for your teambuilding purpose.

  • Ice barkers and fun corporate team events: VR sports and tournaments (e.g., Golf with Your Friends, Slipstream, Fancy Skiing, Hoops VR, Final Soccer), VR tours and museums (e.g., Google Earth VR, The VR Museum of Fine Art, The Night Cafe), popular games and experiences (e.g., Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Richie’s Plank, Beat Saber), Pictionary VR (e.g., DoodleVR, Tilt Brush), player versus player (PvP) games (e.g., Sparc, Creed: Rise to Glory, Eleven: Table Tennis VR), customise a virtual you (e.g., Vacation simulator), a very virtual workplace (e.g., in Job Simulator)
  • Problems solving and collaboration skills: VR puzzles (e.g., World of Goo, Gadgeteer), collaborative problem solving games (e.g., Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Fantastic Contraption), PvP and multiplayer (survival) games (e.g., Sports Bar VR, Overcooked, Smashbox, Arizona Sunshine, Onward, Elven Assassin, Zero Caliber VR, Pavlov VR), Pictionary VR (e.g., DoodleVR, Tilt Brush), scavenger hunt in VR (e.g., Waltz of the Wizard)
  • Communication and social skills: Blind drawing in VR, a very virtual social experience (e.g., Rec Room, VRChat, AltspaceVR), Pictionary VR, active listening using VR stories, sneak a peek using Tilt Brush or Fantastic Contraption, customise a virtual you (e.g., Vacation simulator), a very virtual workplace (e.g., Job Simulator)
  • Innovation and creativity skills: VR creative activities (e.g., Fantastic Contraption, Blocks by Google), make your own VR game (e.g., Tabletop Simulator), storytelling in VR (e.g., Mindshow), musical creativity (e.g., Paradiddle, EXA: The Infinite Instrument) 

All of the above-mentioned activities and games are available on Steam store. The main factors to consider when choosing VR team building activities include:

  1. Objectives of team building activities
  2. Number and type of VR headsets
  3. Number and demographics of participants
  4. Physical space, time and budget available for VR activities