Creativitek Case Studies

Engaging Parents in Immersive Children’s Road Safety Education

Idea: To use social media and augmented reality (AR) technology to engage parents in children’s road safety education. We developed a proposal to apply for ACT Road Safety Fund.


Funded by: The Government of the Australian Capital Territory, also referred to as the Australian Capital Territory Government or ACT Government, is the executive authority of the Australian Capital Territory, one of the territories of Australia.



- To educate children aged 5-9 about six main road safety subjects

- To stimulate conversations between parents and their children about safe road behaviours

- To encourage parents to be good role models for their children when it comes to safe road behaviours

- To attract more attention to the social pages and activities of Kidsafe ACT and to support the previous funding the ACT Road Safety Trust gave Kidsafe ACT to develop information pages on their website on pedestrian safety


Solution: The following services were provided to achieve the goals:

1. Social media augmented reality effects: We develop seven social media augmented reality effects to educate children aged 5-9 about the following road safety subjects:

- Traffic lights

- The safe place to cross the road

- The safest place to sit in the car

- Use “stop, look, listen and think” when near or crossing roads

- Treat the driveway like a road, not a play area

- Always hold hands when crossing the road

Different types of augmented reality effects (e.g., face effect, AR portal, world AR, quiz) are developed to provide fun learning experiences and achieve project objectives effectively.

2. Augmented reality ads on social media: We create social media augmented reality ads to promote the program and expand the reach of the project.  

3. Augmented reality colouring page: We create an augmented reality colouring page to allow children learn about safe road behaviours in a unique and creative way. A colouring competition will be also organised to promote the project and encourage school goers to participate in the project.   


Outcome: This project is still in progress.