Creativitek Case Studies

90’s Games in VR

The client: Vicinity is one of Australia’s leading retail property groups.

Challenge: Can we provide 90s games using virtual reality technologies?


  • To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience
  • To improve brand experience
  • To enhance social media presence

Solution: Our team spent a considerable time to find high quality VR activities which were created based on 90’s games. Then we contacted the developers to get commercial licenses. We had to use different kind of VR headsets in order to provide a good range of VR activities including duck hunt, Tetris, classic car race, etc. We used a very advanced controller to provide a classic car race.

Outcome: We learned that lots of teens are still interested in playing 90’s games in virtual reality. Many kids and teens learned to use the VR controller quickly and loved the car race. The client was so satisfied with the event.